Two Doulas Birth offers dynamic, casual childbirth education classes around the Los Angeles area. Each 5 week series is taught by two doula educators and totals 12.5 hours of class time. Our unique curriculum integrates evidence-based information with our experiences with local care providers and hospitals. Core information about the labor and birth process, hands on exercises, real birth stories told by our educators, and lots of resources will help you and your partner prepare for your upcoming birth, as well as life with a newborn.

Whether you are planning to use or avoid pain medication in labor, our goal is for you to gain the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to have a joyful birth experience. For more detailed class information, click here.

Tuesdays November 11 - December 96:30-9 PM, Kate and Laura
Dragonfly DuLou, Los Feliz

Tuesdays January 13 - February 106:30-9 PM, Becca and Julie
Dragonfly DuLou, Los Feliz

Tuesdays March 17 - April 146:30-9 PM, Kate and Laura
Dragonfly DuLou, Los Feliz

Tuesdays May 12 - June 96:30-9 PM, Becca and Kate
Dragonfly DuLou, Los Feliz

Tuesdays July 15 - August 126:30-9 PM, Becca and Laura
Dragonfly DuLou, Los Feliz

Tuesdays Sept 15-Oct 136:30-9 PM, Kate and Julie
Dragonfly DuLou, Los Feliz

"Two Doulas helped me find a community at a time when I desperately needed one. The monthly Mama walks give me a chance to continually learn and reach out to other moms and women I trust as my baby grows. Such a great resource for a new mom!" -- Tova Goodman, Silver Lake
"Thoughtfully designed and warmly taught, the course encouraged us to engage with our preconceived ideas about birth and to face our fears. We recommend the Two Doulas class to all of our expecting friends!" -- Jody Valentine, Los Feliz
"Had it not been for the class, we would have never taken the time to learn about birth options outside of our birth plan (because we're just too busy), but the "non-plan" items ended-up being some of the most important things we learned. Thank you Becca & Hayley!" -- Emilie Erksine, Silver Lake
"Before taking the Two Doulas Birth class I was unclear about my role as a father to be. Leah and Becca were very thorough about how to prepare and what to really expect. Their class was an integral step for me in becoming a supportive and involved father. I'm eternally grateful." -- Allen Mezquida, South Pasadena
"Thank you Leah and Becca! This class made a huge difference in getting us ready for our birth experience. It was such a perfect blend of information and technique." -- Marla Ann Christensen, Downtown LA
Feeling that their clients were not being prepared for the realities of the birth experience by traditional childbirth education classes, doulas Leah Miller and Becca Gordon founded Two Doulas Birth by designing a class that integrated their first hand knowledge of labor and birth in the LA area.
Please call us @323-989-3832 (323-989-3TDB) for more info